What You Need To Know About Eyelash Extensions

Monday, January 31, 2011


Hey girlies.
First of all, Tracy..you are amazing for doing this blog!
Love you forever.

I wanna start posting about some girls eyelashes I have done.
Meet Julianne:) 
And check out her blog here
She is the cutest. 

 I work with a variety of sizes of lashes.
I tried the longer size 12 on Julianne. 
I love 12's. 

You're hot Julianne! What more can I say? 

Friday, January 28, 2011

Top 5 Reasons to Get Eyelash Extensions!

By John Rhodes

When you flip through the pages of any magazine, you will find dozens of images of beautiful celebrities and models with long, sexy eyelashes. For some of these women, their eyelash good fortune is due to genetics, and it’s perfectly ok to hate them a little. But many of the other seemingly natural beauties are achieving the look of luscious lashes through the use of eyelash extensions. So, while not all of us can be blessed with a thick, full set of eyelashes reminiscent of a Disney princess, we can all take part in the use of beauty enhancing tools like eyelash extensions. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of this beauty product, then you are going to want to read this article as it details the top reasons why you should consider getting eyelash extensions.

First of all, let’s delve into what eyelash extensions are exactly and how they work. Made from synthetic hairs, eyelash extensions are applied to each one of your individual natural eyelashes with a special type of glue-like substance. After the extensions have been applied, it is recommended that you avoid the use of oil-based makeup and cleansers and try not to rub your eyes.

Reason number 1 to get eyelash extensions:

With eyelash extensions, you can achieve the same dramatic look of lush, full lashes as the models and actresses that you see on TV and in magazines. Eyelash extensions come in a variety of lengths, thicknesses, and colors, so you can create the perfect look that best suits your beauty needs and desires.

Reason number 2:

With eyelash extensions, you can kiss raccoon eyes goodbye. There will be no more worrying about your mascara running or smudging in the rain or if you get sweaty. Plus, when you wake up, you will look much more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Reason number 3:

Eyelash extensions can be a huge time savor from your old makeup routine. Think of all the time you spend, curling, crimping, and lacquering on layer after layer of mascara. Witheyelash extensions , all that work is already done for you. When you wake up in the morning your eye makeup is already pretty much good to go. Not too shabby being able to roll out of bed looking like you’re ready for a night on the town!

Reason number 4:

Compared to other beauty enhancements, eyelash extensions are very reasonably priced. In general, extensions run between $150 and $300 and last between 4 and 6 weeks. In most cases, however, it will be necessary to have the lashes touched up every week or so as your natural lashes molt and make the lashextensions fall out along with them.

Reason number 5:

Gain confidence and feel beautiful with eyelash extensions. There is a saying that goes, The eyes are the windows to your soul. Give your soul’s windows some glamour and allure that will allow your outer beauty to match how beautiful you are on the inside. Get eyelash extensions and enhance your already existing natural beauty!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Before and After

Tracy Before

Tracy After

Read her story Here.

Marla Before

Marla After

Bri Before

Bri After

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What should I do to get ready for my appointment?
Answer: Arrive at your appointment without any eye make-up/cream on. This will allow for the best bond possible between the extensions and your natural lashes.  If you arrive with make-up you may be charged a removal fee or it may cut into your lash time.  
It is recommended that you take your contact lenses out before your appointment, but it is not necessary.
Question: Can I still wear make-up?
Answer: Absolutely! You can keep your same make-up routine, but will probably find that you'll end up wearing less make-up because your eyes already stand out.  
Question: Can I still wear mascara?
Answer: You cannot wear regular mascaras as they are hard to take off and you will end up pulling out some of your extensions in the process.  You will never be able to properly clean the lashes and this may cause eye infections.  If you still want to wear mascara, there are some that are specially made for extensions.  They are smudge -proof and come off easily.   However, you will probably find that you will not need to wear any because the extensions themselves will be long and thick. 
Question: Will eyelash extensions damage your natural lashes?
Answer: If the extensions are applied properly they will NOT damage your natural lashes.  The correct procedure is described as applying one extension to exactly one natural lash. That way when an eyelash is ready to fall out, it can do so without damaging the adjacent lashes.  As one hair falls out, a new one is ready to grow in its place. 
The problems arise from inexperienced technicians.  They often apply one extension to a few natural lashes.  This does not allow for natural hair growth and will rip out the adjacent lashes. 
Question: Do eyelash extensions cause your natural lashes to fall out and never grow back? 
Answer: No, if done properly they will not damage your natural lashes. (See above question)
Question: Do you need to be certified to apply extensions?
Answer: You should look for a lash technician who has been certified by a major company with hands on training.  There are several smaller companies that offer a training DVD that anyone may purchase.  Proper training ensures that you will end up with the safest and most natural looking extensions.  A trained professional understands the importance of cleanliness/care while working around the sensitive eye area and how to best shape the extensions to bring out the natural eye shape.
Question: Can I wash my face right away?
Answer: Yes! I use the newest adhesive on the market that does not require the normal 24-48 hour drying time.
Question: Can I swim with my extensions on?
Answer: Yes, swimming is no problem at all.  If you enjoy swimming often, you should apply a sealer every other day.
Question: How do I remove my extensions?
Answer:   Your lash extensions will fall out with the cycle of your natural lashes.  As your extensions become sparse, you may choose to get a fill.  If you decide that you need to remove your extensions, I can remove them with a specially formulated gel that breaks down the adhesive.  If you just have a few stray ones left, you can use a dual phase eye make-up remover at home and gently work them off with Q-tips.  
Question: What is a fill?
Answer: The maintenance for eyelash extensions is very similar to that of fake nails.  As your hair grows and falls out a new hair will take its place.  The extension will fall out with the natural hair and you will need to have it replaced to keep your lashes looking their best.  This process is called a fill. 
Question: How often do I need a fill?
Answer: The time between fills varies from person to person and on the type of set that they have.  It depends on how fast your natural lashes grow and how many extensions you've lost.  We typically lose between 1-5 eyelashes per eye per day.  The average time between fills for a synthetic/silk/faux mink set is approximately 3 weeks and 5 weeks for authentic mink.
Question: How long will extensions last?
Answer: With proper care and fills your extensions will last indefinitely.
Question: How long will it take to apply?
Answer: This depends on the overall look that you want, how many natural lashes that you have and skin type.  Appointments will vary in length from 1-2 hours for a full set and 20-60mins for a fill.
Question: Why are there so many different prices?
Answer: Some places will have set prices and offer appointments for a specific length of time, while others will charge by the number of lashes applied.  The more lashes that you have applied the more natural the look (especially when wanting a dramatic length/volume increase) and will directly affect the length of time between fills.
Question: How many lashes will I get?
Answer: This depends on the desired look that you want.  Sets can range from 40-140 lashes/eye depending on how many lashes you have naturally.  Keep in mind, that if you have a lot of natural lashes you should opt for a larger set of extensions as the transition will appear to be more seamless.
Question: What are the lashes made of?
Answer:  I use Authentic Mink. The most common type of lashes used for extensions are made of a Synthetic material, but you can also have Silk, Faux Mink, Authentic Mink, and Human Hair.  Each material has its own look/feel and benefits/disadvantages. 
Question: What is the difference between Clusters/Flares and Individual eyelash extensions?
Answer: Clusters/flares are a group of 3-6 lashes that are tied together with a small knot.  They are applied using a similar technique as individual lashes, but will cause damage to your natural lashes.  The weight of the cluster is too heavy for a natural lash to support and will pull out the natural lash before it is ready to fall out.  If you wear cluster/flare extensions for a prolonged period of time it may cause permanent damage to your natural lashes.
Individual eyelash extensions are a single lash that is applied to one of your natural lashes.  This type of eyelash extensions will not cause any permanent damage to your natural lashes if applied properly.
Question: Can I use eye make-up remover?
Answer: You can only use make-up removers that are specially formulated to work with eyelash extensions. Look for an oil-free make-up remover.  All other products contain various forms of oils to take off make-up and will cause the extensions to fall off prematurely. 
Question: Can I still use under eye creams?
Answer: Yes, as all creams are meant to be applied to the eye area and not the lashes. Creams will not have any affect on your extensions after they have been applied. 
Question: Should you tip your stylist?
Answer: As with any service, a tip is not expected but is always appreciated.  If you are happy with your service and results you can express this in the same manner as you would to a waiter in a restaurant or to other beauty professionals in salons.