What You Need To Know About Eyelash Extensions

Monday, April 18, 2011

Tina's Testimonial

Confessions of an eyelash addict.

Since I can remember I’ve been obsessed with Eyelashes.  LONG ones to be exact.  And anyone who knows me, knows it’s a feature I find extraordinary.  In my opinion, it’s the magic to being pretty & beautiful.  To me they make all the difference.  As a girl, I yearned for them, I envied girls who had them and secretly would pray for them (true story).  In fact, I’ve told some of my closest friends that if they ever came out with an operation to make Eyelashes longer, I would do it.  I’m not the kind of person who likes to have “fake” anything.  From clothes to hair.  Plastic surgery, tummy tucks…none of that would ever make my wish list.  I do color my hair but other than that I’ve always been happy with who I am & what I’ve been given.  Recently the buzz on eyelashes has been rampant…on fake ones, on extensions on anything that makes your lashes long, thick & luscious.  I ‘ve read numerous articles and tried tricks and so many mascaras I can’t even count, to which I’ve NEVER found successful. 
While talking with my roommate one night she mentioned she was getting mink eyelash extensions.  I had never heard of “mink” eyelash extensions and immediately my ears perked up!!  I fired question after question and even asked my roommate if I could join her.  I felt hesitant and luckily, Tracy’s (my roommate) appointment wasn’t for another week.  I investigated.  I thought.  I thought some more.  It was not something I felt completely sure about but what I did know is that they aren’t harmful, they don’t have any side effects and usually they cost an arm and a leg.  Jenni, Tracy’s friend, gives a steal of a deal and because Tracy knew her I felt even more comfortable turning my eyelashes over to a stranger. 
It has been 3 months since I put on my first set of mink eyelash extensions and this is what I’ll tell you:  THEY’RE WORTH IT!!  I will NEVER go back.  I feel absolutely gorgeous in them and as it turns out they make my morning routine SO much easier and no amount of work on my part could compare!!  I find myself looking in the mirror and saying, “I love my lashes!!”  Seriously.  AND the best thing about it, I don’t have to give up my “natural” look.  My eyelashes are catered to me and what I want.  Is it silly to say that these mink eyelashes have changed my life?  Maybe to you it is.